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We design functional materials that are inspired by biology

about the lab


We are an interdisciplinary group consisting biologists, biotechnologists and organic chemists. We take inspiration from functional biological materials, specifically, from the manufacturing processes of these materials, and implement these elements in the lab to develop materials with life-like properties. We are especially intrigued by compartmentalization of (bio) catalytic processes in confined microenvironments such as those provided by membrane-bound and membranelles organelles. Our current effort is focused on the design of organelle-like compartments to control and regulate reactivity for construction of molecules and materials, covering the entire range from fundamental studies to materials design. 

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Dr. ayala lampel

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Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research

George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences
Green Building, 2nd floor, Room 232
Lab: +972-36407521
Office: +972-36409836
Tel Aviv University 69978, ISRAEL

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